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Founded in 2009, SMOOTH has factory located in Tongxia Dongguan and Overseas Sales office in Guanlan Shenzhen adjacent to Hong Kong, which allow us to have convenient location for transportation of resources. Besides, SMOOTH has beautiful working environment, complete sports and recreational facilities. We also offer excellent salary and benefits package to our over 500 employees, and have passed and obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF 16949 international certification. We take clients' demands as our highest priority, and we pay close attention to their individual product design according to their needs, and provide our best support by rendering customized products and services to world famous companies. Our clients are all over the world (US, Europe, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, SE Asia, Mainland China, etc.)
With technology as our cornerstone of development, we have established a R & D Center with focus on technical innovation, and some of our products have even obtained patents. Nowadays, SMOOTH is already accredited as a national high-tech and innovative enterprise.

Product Orientation:
We intend to become a Solution Supplier with R & D, design, manufacturing and application of Hinges, Sliders, MIM Parts and Gearboxes all in one roof.
Hinge: Mobile Phone Hinge, Damping Hinge, Metal Hinge, Clamshell Hinge, Revolving Hinge, Flip Hinge, Positioning Hinge, Friction Hinge, 45° Hinge, 90° Hinge, 120° Hinge, 150° Hinge, 180° Hinge, 200° Hinge, 270° Hinge, 360° Hinge, Double Segment Torsion-Type Synchronous Rotation 360° Hinge, Free Pause Hinge, Multi-Angle Pause Hinge, Differentiated Hinge, Custom Hinge, etc.
Slider: Mobile Phone Slider, Side Slip Cover Slider, Flip Slider, Sliding Hinge, Long-Stroke Slider, Tablet PC Slider, Double-Segment Sliding Long-Stroke Slider, Differentiated Slider, etc.
MIM Parts: Cosmetic parts and Internal parts with sophisticated configuration, sturdy hardness and elegant surface treatment for the fulfilment of their stipulated functions in applications spanning various industries like electronics, car, medical, etc.
Gearboxes: Small dimension casing with electric motor, upper and lower gears (plastic or metal) and core shaft as main components integrated together under different way of alignment (planetary, worm, spur, etc.) for the fulfilment of their stipulated functions in applications spanning various industries from car, smart home, toy to robot sectors.
Application Scope:
Clamshell Phone, Slide Phone, Base Support for Ipad & Iphone, Gamepad, Bluetooth Keyboard, Remote Controller, E-Cigarette, Electric Lock, Vehicle Electronics, Beauty Apparatus, Fingerprint Device, Manicure Device, E-Dictionary, USB, Network Card, GPS, Digital Camera, Notebook Computer, Stereo Equipment, Scanner, Learning Machine, Automobile, etc. They are widely used in communication products, digital products, medical apparatus and instruments, automobile, military industry, electronics and other fields.

Connection between SMOOTH and the World
We bear the grateful and humble attitude to build up the Smooth Club, so that our business partners could not only receive our recognition to the effort and contribution they have made to us, but also enjoy our newest business information sharing with them in a regular basis.
SMOOTH is already an official member of AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association), which is one of the largest and oldest business societies (nearly 100 years of history) in US with about 500 members spanning over 30 countries around the world.

We specialize in providing clients with the most competitive quality, cost and service.
Corporate Vision:
Market and client oriented, we intend to become a world's leading supplier and solution provider of Hinges, Sliders, MIM Parts and Gearboxes.
To create maximum value for shareholders and employees, and share the business results together;
To provide clients with products and services of highly-added value, and grow together with clients;
To create value for related interest of SMOOTH, and contribute back to society.

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