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R & D Center

SMOOTH has establishes a R & D Center where is equipped with many research personnel, labs, and a lot of experimental verification equipment, ensuring normal running of research and development, and advancement and reliability of product performance. Our R & D Center has established more than 1000 project approval specifications, and all of the projects develop well. To improve researchers' enthusiasm, our R & D Center has established a clear system of rewards and penalties to strictly standardize the researchers. Our R & D center establishes a scientific accounting system in project budget, material purchasing, prototype production, product debugging, testing and other links to control R & D cost.

R & D Philosophy

We will always regard technical innovation as our core competence, take research and development as kernel and motive power of innovation, pursue and break through existing technology constantly, grab market share, perfect our R & D system, cultivate quality R & D team, and realize the transition from the research and development of usable foundation to that of sophisticated core technology so that we can stand in the front line of the industry.

Direction of Research and Development Technology

As a high-tech business, we always regard technology as our core   competence, seek for continuous development with innovation, take "individuality, innovation, profession and concentration" as our R & D philosophy, and regard requirements of market and clients as our research and development orientation. We are committed to developing new fields, and are good at assisting clients to find out new break point and start point in dilemma so that clients can form their unique way. Besides, we guide clients to advance properly, and break the routine on the premise of grasping the overall situation so that they can become new rule maker and frontrunner of new highlights. We believe that market is not to be found out nor waited, but to be created to better provide clients with personalized product design service. We insist on basing on the industry to grasp and understand market trend with keen sense and to cultivate market and client value oriented differentiated innovation ability. We will advance our step of establishing, completing and standardizing market feedback system to establish our technology leading industry position.

Our R & D team researches and develops products of different design and structures according to clients' different requirements to provide clients with products and services of high added value. With differentiated multifunctional products and excellent performance as our objective, we will continue to provide clients with more high-end Hinges, Sliders and MIM Parts to advance the development of the whole electronics industry.

Besides, we positively implement patent protection strategy, fully utilize transition of technical innovation and technological achievement of patent system protection, keep our dominant position in market competition, and have established suitable patent declaration and management system gradually in development process.

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