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Product Quality Management

source:本站 date:2020-03-09 

SMOOTH focus on Product Quality Management, has its own product testing laboratories, and adopted ISO9001:2008 quality management and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system.

We have installed all kinds of equipment from 2.5 Dimensional Optical Imaging Tester, Hardness Tester, Programmable Temperature & Humidity ?Chamber, Salt Spraying Machine, Thermal Shock Testing Chamber, Hinge Torque Tester, Abrasion Tester, Paper Bag Abrasion Tester, Life Cycle Tester for Sliders, Life Cycle Tester of Note book flip hinge or any hinge with 360 rotating angle,? Each product is strictly in accordance with the Product Quality Management: Production System, Industrial Standardization, Measurement Precision, Continuous Improvement, Employee Occupation and other management methods and systems, all processes are documented, institutionalized, through the human, machine, material, method, ring five aspects , to achieve product quality control and continuous improvement.

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