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Mobile phone hinge Enterprises-POM Steel material craft

source:本站 date:2020-03-03 

The hinge of SMOOTH, Slide rubber strip in rotating shaft, Rotating shaft gear structure use POM Steel material craft,it has high hardness, high rigidity,high wear resistance,to guarantee the

self-lubrication and abrasion resistance of the sliding process.


POM definition:Poly formaldehyde is a linear polymer

with no side chains, high density and high crystallinity. According to the difference of the

chemical structure of the chain, it can be divided into two kinds, which are

all kinds of formaldehyde and formaldehyde. The important difference between the two is: the density of

the average density, crystallinity, melting point are high, But the thermal stability is poor, the

processing temperature range is narrow (about 10 C), the stability of acid and

alkali is slightly low; And the density, crystallinity, melting point, strength of

the copolymer was lower than that of the copolymer, But the thermal stability is good, is not easy to

decompose, the processing temperature range is wide (about 50 C), the acid and alkali stability is good, an engineering plastics with excellent comprehensive performance. Have good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, in particular, have excellent friction resistance. Commonly known as steel or from steel, for the third general plastics. ?Suitable for the production of wear-resistant parts, transmission parts, as well as chemical engineering, instrumentation and other parts. A kind of synthetic resin, also known as poly formaldehyde resin, POM plastic, steel material; a white or black plastic particles with high hardness, high wear resistance, and mainly used for gear, bearing, auto parts, machine tools, instruments, such as the role of the skeleton of the product.

general properties

Poly formaldehyde

whose surface is smooth, shiny hard and dense material,Yellow or white,Thin

walled part is translucent. Combustion characteristics are easy to burn, after the fire continued to burn,

flame is yellow, the lower end is blue, melt dripping, there is a strong pungent smell of formaldehyde, fishy. Poly formaldehyde as a white powder,generally opaque, good color, Proportion 1.41-1.43 g / cubic centimeter, Molding shrinkage rate 1.2-3.0%, molding temperature 170-200, Drying condition 80-90 ?2 hours. Long term heat resistant performance of POM is not high,But the short term can reach 160℃, the average short-term heat resistance ratio of POM was 10℃ higher than that of POM, Long term heat resistant copolymer POM is 10 degrees Celsius higher than the average POM instead. Can be used in the temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. POM is very easy to decompose, decomposition temperature of 240 degrees. When the decomposition of irritating and corrosive gas, it is appropriate to use the mold steel corrosion resistance of the material.

(1)POM is crystalline plastics, density of 1.42g/cm3 steel, it is very good, commonly known as "steel".

(2)It is resistant to fatigue, creep, wear resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance and other excellent performance, and the friction coefficient

is small, self -lubrication is good.

(3)POM is not easy to absorb moisture, water absorption rate of 0.22 ~ 0.25%, in a humid environment, the size stability is

good, the shrinkage rate is 2.1% (large), the size of injection is difficult to control, heat deflection temperature is 172℃,there are two kinds of formaldehyde, Performance is different (the average temperature of all kinds of

formaldehyde )

Mechanical property

POM strength, high stiffness, good elasticity, good wear and abrasion resistance. Excellent mechanical properties, Specific strength up to 50.5MPa,Specific stiffness up to 2650MPa,And the metal is very close. The mechanical properties of POM change with the temperature. The copolymerization of POM is slightly larger than that of POM. The impact strength of POM is higher, but the conventional impact is less than ABS and pc; POM is sensitive to the gap, there is a gap of the impact strength decreased by 90%. The fatigue strength of POM is very prominent, after 10 alternating load, fatigue strength can reach 35 MPa , PA and PC only reach 28 Mpa. The creep of POM is similar to that of PA, At 20 C, 21MPa, 3000h is only 2.3%, and the effect of temperature is very small. The friction factor of POM

is small, and its wear resistance is good.(POM>PA66>PA6>ABS>HPVC>PS>PC),The limit PV value is very large, good self - lubrication. POM products on the grinding, high load effect is easy to produce a similar scream


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