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The Leading Hinge Supplier — SMOOTH, Laser Welding Process

source:本站 date:2020-03-03 

The Leading Hinge Supplier —SMOOTH ,Laser Welding Process

Smooth hinge 、stud in rotating shaft structure 、Spring uses advanced laser welding technology, laser beam can be focused in a very small area , small and closely spaced components , to make the structure more beautiful and more solid. The hinge made by Smooth、laser spot welding technology is used in the hinge, For example, slide, stud and spring structure by a rotating shaft structure. Laser welding technology is a fusion welding, the laser beam is the energy, the impact on the welding parts. Laser beam can be guided by planar optical components (such as a mirror), The light beam is then projected on the weld with a reflective focusing element or lens. Laser welding is a non contact type welding, process with no need of pressure, but using inert gas to prevent oxidation of molten pool and filler metal with occasional use.  Laser welding and MIG welding can be composed of laser MIG hybrid welding, welding, and heat input than the MIG welding is greatly reduced. With the success of the continuous CO2 laser welding experiment, the laser welding technology has made a breakthrough in the early 1970s. CO2

laser welding was carried out on the large thickness stainless steel specimen, which formed the penetration weld, which clearly indicated the formation of the keyhole, and the welding seam of the laser welding was similar to that of the electron beam welding. These early work using CO2 laser for metal welding proved the great potential of high power continuous laser welding. Laser welding can be used to connect many types of materials in the aerospace industry and many other applications, And laser welding usually have many other welding technology can not match advantage, especially for the laser welding can be connected to the aviation and automobile industry is difficult to weld the alloy sheet material. Such as aluminum alloy, and the deformation of the component is small, the joint quality is high. Another attractive application of laser processing is the use of a laser to achieve the local small range of heating characteristics, The hot spot of the laser makes it very suitable for the welding of the electronic components of the printed

circuit board The laser can produce very high average temperature in the very small area of the electronic device, and the outside of the joint is not affected.

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Advantages of laser welding

(1)The heat affected zone can be reduced to the minimum required amount of heat affected zone, and the deformation caused by the heat conduction is lowest.

(2)32mm thickness of single pass welding welding process parameters industry upon inspection, can reduce thick plate welding required time and even

dispense with filler metal used.

(3)Without the use of electrodes, no contamination of the electrode or damaged concerns. And because they do not belong to the contact type welding process, tool wear and deformation connection can be reduced to a minimum.

(4)Laser beam can be easily focusing and alignment and optical instrument to guide can be placed away from the workpiece appropriate distance, and in the workpiece around the equipment or the obstacles and guidance and other welding rules due to the limit of the space to play.

(5)The workpiece can be placed in a closed space (by a vacuum or an internal gas environment under control).

(6)The laser beam can be focused in a small area, which can be welded to a small, closely spaced component.

(7)The range of the material can be welded, can also engage with each other a variety of heterogeneous materials.

(8)Easy to be automated for high-speed welding, can also be digital or computer control.

(9)When welding thin or thin wire, it is not easy to have the trouble of arc welding.

(10)When welding thin or thin wire, it is not easy to have the trouble of arc welding.

(11)Two kinds of metal that can be welded with different physical properties (such as different resistance).

(12)Do not need a vacuum, do not need to do X ray protection.

(13)If the perforation type welding, weld depth width ratio can reach 10:1

(14)The laser beam can be transmitted to a plurality of workstations by means of a switching device.

Along with the development of science and technology, laser welding machine technology to continuously consolidate and application, also led global home appliance industry into a new era, new technology is not only the upgrading of products and more technology display and application.

1、Manufacturing application

Tailored Bland Laser Welding Technology has been widely used in foreign car manufacturing, According to statistics, in 2000 the global cutting blank

slab laser welding production line more than 100, with an annual output of car parts welded blank plate 70 million, and continue to grow at a higher rate. Introduction of domestic production

models Passat,Buick,Audi Also used some cutting slab structure. Japan use CO2 ?to connect laser welding instead of flash butt welding of steel coil in the steel industry, Study on welding in the thin plate, such as the thickness of the foil below 100 micron, not fusion welding, But YAG laser welding with special output power waveform is

successful, Shows the broad prospects of laser welding. Japan is the world's first successful development of YAG laser welding for nuclear reactor steam generator tube maintenance etc. At home Su Baorong and other gear laser welding technology.

2、Powder metallurgy field

With the continuous development of science and technology,many industrial technology on special requirements for materials, smelting method is used for the manufacture of materials has been unable to meet the needs. Because of the special properties and manufacturing advantages of powder metallurgy materials, In some areas such as automotive, aircraft, traditional metallurgy materials are replacing cutting tools in manufacturing industry, With the development of powder metallurgy materials, the connection problem between the powder and the other parts becomes more and more serious, so the application of powder metallurgy materials is limited. In the early 80s, laser welding with its unique advantages to enter the field of powder metallurgy materials processing,It opens up a new prospect for the application of powder metallurgical materials, In the connection of the powder metallurgy material, the brazing method is used to weld the diamond, Due to the low bonding strength, the heat affected zone is wide, especially can't adapt to the high temperature and high strength requirements of the solder melt off, the use of laser welding can improve the weld strength and high temperature resistance.

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