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Equipped with Core M processor Fujitsu push new tablet

source:中关村在线 date:2016-08-27 

Fujitsu Corporation launched a new windows tablet computer in the near future, The machine model is Arrows Tab Q665. The machine is equipped with a new Intel Core M Broadwell processor,In addition, the machine price is 154600 yen(About 7915 yuan),Expected in June this

year, the first landing in the Japanese market.

According to Fujitsu said, Arrows Tab Q665 provide different versions of optional For enterprise users. It is equipped with Intel Core M-5Y10C or M-5Y31 two different versions of the processor; with 4GB to 8GB running memoryAt the same time, with 256GB storage space. In the system, the user can choose between windows 7 Professional Edition, windows 8.1 and windows 8.1 professional edition. In addition, this tab Q665 arrows is a tablet PC for enterprise users, it has built-in fingerprint sensor and NFC features, while supporting the 3G and LTE 4G network connection, the use of dust and waterproof design. Support Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4 and USB 3, USB 2, HDMI micro and other interfaces, as well as before and after were equipped with two high-definition camera. 

It is reported that Fujitsu Q665 tab price of 154600 yen, or about 7915 yuan, is expected in June this year, the first landing in the

Japanese market. But when it appeared on the tablet PC market in China, temporarily unable to determine, if you are interested in it

you may wish to continue to pay attention to the relevant news ZOL Tablet PC channel.

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