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DELL launches new Inspiron — The Inspiron laptop Combo

source:新浪数码讯 date:2016-08-27 

 June 2nd afternoon news,  DELL today announced the launch of a new generation Inspiron in 2015 Taipei international computer show.

Including combo notebook, integrated machine and desktop.  ,"sans-serif";mso-bidi-font-family:

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Inspiron 5000 Series laptops offer a variety of options for Intel and AMD processors, it can provide a performance experience for the Internet, write papers, edit video or online chat. All notebook sizes have a high definition display, long hours of tapping and still a comfortable keyboard, battery life and wireless performance. Full Hd 1080p resolution of 15 and 17 inches or 14 inches or 15 inches can also be used for precision touch panel. The vice president of DELL's consumer product market, Ray Wah said: “Today released the Inspiron Ling Yue series of new products continue to develop the brand and the traditional excellent equipment, using the latest technology to help home users get more and

better experience in life "

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