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Hinge for Laptop - 2015 Taipei International Computer Show

source:本站 date:2020-03-09 

Sina Technology Yuze From Taipei

Although there is no brightness dazzling the eyes like CES Consumer Electronics Show or MWC Mobile World Conference, But the Computex Taipei International Computer Show which hold once a year is also one of the world's largest exhibitions, Asia's largest computer show.

This is the third time I went to the scene to report this exhibition, From the first time to witness the birth of Super notebook, until now it is difficult to find really exciting products and technology in recent years, the Taipei computer show is really lackluster. Perhaps Computex itself does not change much, and the mobile Internet era people on the computer "taste" has changed, compared to people's needs for the computer ten years ago and today, it has long been out of date. ?PC ?industry needs precipitation and innovation to stimulate the potential of a new round of outbreak. Taiwan manufacturers are protagonist in the Taipei computer show each year, to play the role of the host as far as possible in such an international stage, this year is no exception. On the day before the launch, ASUS firstly released a series of new products, including mobile phones, tablet, Aio, routers and other product categories. Although the conference is still light the brightness and dazzles the eyes, but this still can not cover up the shadow of innovation weakness. Most of the products just last the continuation of the pattern to become light and thin. Or the use of a new generation of devices to bring the advantages of performance or power. The most attractive part of selfie zenfone mobile phone is just a 13 million pixel pixelmaster front camera and Real Tone dual color temperature dual LED flash, no other highlights left, as for the innovation of zenpad accessories, there is no breakthrough change.

Of course, ASUS for innovation is at least a positive person, a major new exhibition also allows the media to feel the sincerity of the host. And more manufacturers just follow the continuation of the upgrade mode before, product mold unchanged or slightly changed, equipped with a new generation of processors or graphics has become the only gimmick. Perhaps this upgrade mode can muddle through in a few years ago, but user experience first in nowadays, such an upgrade is destined to be difficult to cause attention. Although the Super notebook is known as the best results of innovation in PC industry recently,

Can still not escape from the drawbacks of the PC industry upgrade mode, More and more product form appeared, but they can not create a product form who has the best experience, more manufacturers are concerned about the change of hardware, and few pay attention to the real user experience . This is a true portrayal development of the Super notebook in the past few years. But from the current computer show point of view, the future will become more clear, the Taipei computer show also emerged in a large number of 2 in 1 products.

While compared with last year, even before the Computex, we still feel very difficult to see too obvious changes, but with the outside world to see the PC industry is different, Intel is looking for new opportunities from this industry.

“On the one hand, different forms of PC products are driving the industry innovation, On the other hand, the PC used more than 4 years will face replacement period, which will promote PC sales promotion. Because Tablet PC to build up the CTE alliance, there are many manufacturers have expressed interest in 2 in 1 products. Chen Rongkun, general manager of Intel China, said in an interview with sina digital. As can be seen, 2 in 1 of the product form will be the future development direction of PC, at least for a period of time to lead the development of the PC industry.

The chip giant is not “law-abiding" in the computer exhibition, in April of this year's IDF conference, Intel saw the opportunity to cooperate with chip manufacturers rockchip and spreadtrum, Work together to promote research and development of mobile chips, this initiative seems to make Qualcomm feel threatened. In the first day of Taipei computer show, Gaotong officially announced that they will cooperate with the continent’s Tablet PC manufacturer Quanzhi, work together to launch the tablet computer program based on 4G Xiaolong 410 and 210 platform. It appears that the two chip giants are interested in the Chinese market to compete against one another. A t cooperation of Gaotong, Quanzhi to promote the momentum of the 4G LTE tablet, Intel 、rockchip alliance will make a fire, at point there is to be sure that the domestic tablets will be more attractive later. Even the Taipei computer show did not give us too many surprises, but the show let us feel the entire computer industry is seeking innovation and breakthrough, and see the possibilities of future development, these products and technologies will continue to push forward and accumulate steadily to become the protagonist of the PC industry.

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