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LG display scroll type display: as soft as paper

source:驱动之家 date:2016-08-27 

TCL chairman Li Dongsheng once said, the production of liquid crystal screen printing will be the same as printing paper in the future, Of course, he refers to the production efficiency. But on display of the 2015 international information California Society Symposium LG

held in San Jose, a 18 inch flexible scroll type OLED show to the world, it is really like a piece of paper this time.

According to CNET reports, LG Display executives at the scene, this thin display panel can be rolled up like a piece of paper, which did not affect the function of the display itself at the same time. OLED is regarded as an important technology in the field of display screen. An organic compound layer is added in the OLED display screen, it is not only able to make the display screen thin, bend,

fold and roll up. The organic material can emit light without backlight. Based on these characteristics, OLED

display not only can be applied to the tv, the wearable devices and other mobile products. Whether this scroll type display can

eventually be put into the market remains to be observed, after all, the cost of OLED and production capacity is always a number of problems.

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