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Otter Box

source:本站  date:2020-09-30 

Case Description:

Client: Otter Box

Application: Hinges for the Base of Tablet PC

Project: SMS-ZZ-054 Hinges

Otter Box is a consumption electronics protective case brand in US, and wins by technology as a famous brand, manufacturer, wireless device supplier and dealer providing innovative protective products to world's top handheld electronics. Founded in 1998, Otter Box produced simple protective cases at the beginning, such as protective cases for phone, tablet PCs and other electronics, and developed "Defender", "Preserver", "Armor" and other product series.

We provided Otter Box with an optimized design solution after receiving their requirements about the hinge project, and delivered the product to Otter Box's assembly plants in Europe and America. Our product quality and technology have been highly praised by our clients.

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