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The Leading Slider Hinge Application Solution Provider — SMOOTH Definition Articles

source:本站 date:2020-03-09 

SMOOTH is by definition of hinge which connect products components used to conduct bending

moment and torque in rotation work.

Regular hinge as below:

Phone Hinge, Damping Hinge, Metal Hinge, Clamshell Hinges, Rotate Hinge, Reversal Hinge, Position Hinge, Friction Hinge, 45 Degree Hinge, 90 Degree Hinge, 120 Degree Hinge, 150 Degree Hinge, 180 Degree Hinge, 200 Degree Hinge, 270 Degree Hinge, 360 Degree Hinge, 360 Degree Double Torsion Synchronous Rotating Hinge,Free Pause Hinge, Multiple Angle Stop Hinge, Differential Rotating Hinge and so on.

Applicable range :

Flip phone、slide phone、Ipad& Iphone 、Ipad&Iphone base bracket 、game holder、Bluetooth keyboard、remote control、electronic cigarette、electronic lock、car electronic、cosmetic instrument、fingerprint instrument、manicure instrument、electronic dictionary、USB 、network card、GPS、digital camera、laptop、sound、scanner、learning machine、car and etc. Widely used in Telecommmunications 、digital products、medical apparatus and instruments、car、military and electronic products these areas.

SMOOTH ,the solution supplier of R&D ,design, manufacturing and application of slider and hinge.

一、The hinges can be divided into the following types according to the structure:

1、Traditional washer shaft hinge

2、Shaft hinge

3、Die-casting hinge

4、Band hinge

5、Spring hinge

6、Powder metallurgy torsion shaft hinge

7、plastic hinge

8、Band type hinge

9、Spring rotating shaft hinge

二、The hinges can be divided into the following types according to the function:

1、Rotating shaft hinge without angle

2、Angle limiting rotating shaft

3、Multi section torsion shaft hinge

4、Fixed axis hinge

5、Resistance rotating shaft hinge

6、Combined rotating shaft hinge

7、Wall mounting type

8、Switch shaft hinge

9、Automatic spring rotating shaft hinge

10、Damping shaft hinge

11、360 degree double section torsion shaft hinge

12、Multi angle turning rotating shaft hinge

SMOOTH provide the personalized products and service according to the customer's need. To provide hinge solution ,technical service and production service.

We specialize in providing clients with the most competitive quality ,cost,service.

Multiple products to obtain patent certificates.

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