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Hinges for laptop -More than 200 companies of 15 countries gathered in the first Asian consumer electronics show

source:本站 date:2016-10-20 


Hinges for laptop -More than 200 companies of 15 countries gathered in the first Asian consumer electronics show

International famous enterprises participating in Asia's top science and technology event exhibition, exhibitors lineup of BesTV New Media, China Mobile, Cadillac, Microsoft Xbox China and OnStar.

In May 6, 2015, Virginia Arlington - more than 200 technology companies from 15 countries in Asia will be the first to release the consumer technology on International CES AsiaTM show.

Chief procurement officer Vincent Dou said, " We are very excited to be able to launch a natural environmentally friendly 3D printing pen in the Asian market. Asia is an important technology center for global innovation, especially for start-up companies. With the Asian consumer electronics show, we will present our products by the best way . "

The total area of the Asian consumer electronics show was originally 20 thousand square meters(Net area of 8500 square meters). On this basis, the area has recently been amplified by nearly 10%. More than 200 companies have confirmed the participation, respectively, from mainland China, Finland, France, Germany, Hongkong, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States and other major economies.

The CES gives us the ideal platform to showcase our products to this thriving consumer electronics market,MOTA co-founder Kevin? Faro (Kevin Faro) said. Headquartered in San Jose, California, MOTA has a wholly-owned manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China and an office in Hong Kong. Kevin also said: "Asia Consumer Electronics Show is undoubtedly the most attractive exhibition. We are very pleased to take this opportunity to make China and Asia's major retailers and distributors access to the latest trend, the most innovative electronic products - MOTA smart ring. It will be the only solution to deal with the growing complexity of smartphone notifications. The Asian Consumer Electronics Show opened up a key market for us and is helping us to succeed. "

In addition to the groundbreaking innovations of the showcase, the CES will feature a variety of events, including Internet of Things, Interoperability, 3D Printing, Robotics, Life Technologies, Smart Home and Fitness and Sport.

"We are delighted to be at the first CES Asia and look forward to together this product to this huge market." Claude Guillemot, chief executive of France's Guillemot Corporation, The company's international brands such as Thrustmaster and Hercules use state-of-the-art technology to devise the most immersive gaming gear and the most innovative DJ controller.

"We are delighted to be able to bring NeuroOn's products to this thriving Chinese market at the Consumer Electronics Show in Asia." "NeuroOn's sleep mask tracks the user's bioinformatic feedback to help sleep and make people feel more relaxed," said Kamil Adamczyk, CEO of Intelclinic, in San Francisco, California and Warsaw, Poland. "Working with the official iOS and Android applications, it provides the user with complete frame information for correcting sleep quality."

Since its opening in January, more than 20,000 consumer technology professionals from 107 countries have signed up, 34.4 percent of whom are corporate executives. Registered people include domestic and foreign buyers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, engineers, product designers, chief technology officer, chief information officer, investment managers and other personnel involved in purchasing decisions. The initial registration of a strong proof of the Asian Consumer Electronics Show is a convergence of technology industry leader in the international event, More than half of the registrants are from outside China, with 27 per cent of registrants from Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East, compared with 18 per cent for Asian countries and territories outside mainland China. A complete list of exhibitors at the CES is available on the Exhibitor List.

CES is jointly organized by the Consumer Electronics Association and Shanghai International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd., which is a well-known international exhibition and exhibition company in China.

Special co-organizers include the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce (CECC) and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME). To register for the CES Asia 2015, please visit

All overseas journalists are required to obtain a J-2 visa, which can be viewed here. For questions about participating at the CES, please contact Brian Moon at or call +1 703-907-4351.。

About the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) represents the US $ 286 billion consumer electronics industry. The association has more than 2000 members of consumer electronics companies, including industry policy lobbying, market research, technical training and education, to promote the development of the industry and the development of technical standards and other services, and help enterprises to establish strategic cooperative relations. CEA also owns and hosts the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show). All proceeds from CES will be used for CEA's industry services. For more information on CEA, visit and

About International CES Asia

International CES Asia was co-hosted by CEA and co-organized by Shanghai Intex Co., Ltd. (Intex).

Asia's Consumer Electronics Show is poised to become the premier consumer technology industry event in Asia, demonstrating the breadth and depth of the innovation value chain in Asia. In this exhibition, the world's major exhibitors will have the opportunity to overseas and domestic consumer electronics industry executives, international buyers, the international media and some Chinese consumers and industry and cross-sectoral display their latest products and technologies, and take this Foster or enhance Corporate brand awareness and reputation.

About Shanghai International Exhibition Center(Intex)

Shanghai International Exhibition Center was established in 1992 as a subordinate unit of Shanghai International Trade Promotion Committee. It is jointly invested by Shanghai Hongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone Joint Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai International Trade Promotion Committee and Dubai Investment Tiexing Real Estate Company. Shanghai's first introduction of foreign first-class management model and experience of the exhibition venues. It is the first international exhibition hall in China to receive ISO9001 certification. Companies in the country exhibition industry maintained a high reputation, has hosted more than 10 international exhibition projects, both in the industry to enjoy a certain reputation. The exhibition hall management, in addition to operating the Shanghai exhibition hall, has invested and operates a number of field exhibition hall. The company actively joined the industry's authoritative bodies and associations, for the China Pavilion Association vice president of the unit, the Shanghai Exhibition Industry Association vice president of the unit, the Yangtze River Delta City Convention and Exhibition Union executive director of the unit and the International Exhibition Management Association. In the domestic exhibition industry reputation.

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