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Clamcase protective sleeve experience: let iPad really replace notebook ClamCase

source:本站 date:2016-09-03 

It is a very different accessories, in addition to the protection of the body outside the role, It can also make your air iPad more close to a productivity tool, even a laptop replacement .Recently, Science and technology website Apple Insider do research on the protection of the set of experience.

SMOOTH provided the design and production of the rotating shaft on the protective sleeve for Clamcase , and developed four series of products for the

customer. Regardless of the shaft from the structure, design, production, performance and quality, SMOOTH get the customer's praise.


In general, we keep skeptical for the input experience which the small size provide for the keyboard, and it is also the reason why the notebook keyboard is not so popular. In the use of a piece of mini iPad and a similar size keyboard, you can basically only use two index finger to type.

But the performance of is surprisingly good. It has a moderate button distance, can take the fast, comfortable typing experience and will not

generate a large number of input errors, This performance has almost surpassed all the same type of keyboard protection on the market. The button of ClamCase is slightly higher than the ASUS notebook, but the width of the latter. Theoretically, this keyboard experience should not be too smooth, but this is not the case. The vertical size of these keys and Apple's latest Air MacBook equivalent, will not cause any input obstacles.

The touch of these keys is similar to the air, but simply a little bit short of some. Unlike other products of the same type, a long

time the use of clamcase typing will not produce fatigue. Noise is our only complaint about this keyboard. In typing, the noise generated by these keys is

larger than the MacBook Air, especially the space bar.

In the place where they need to be opened, ClamCase opened, include headphone

jack、Lightning interface、Microphone and camera, But there is one exception:Mute direction lock does not open. The palm supporting region of the keyboard is embedded into the magnet, Therefore, the device will automatically be dormant when the cover is closed. There are 4 rubber pads at

the bottom of the protective sleeve, This is similar to a lot of notebooks.

We can see that in the design of ClamCase has spent a lot of effort. The black keys, the keyboard base plate Aluminum Alloy material,

gray "ClamCase Pro" said, charging interface lightning icon, these are obviously in line to MacBook. Like most Bluetooth devices, the protective

cover is also used LED fluorescent lamp to indicate the pairing state and the remaining capacity.


you want to put the iPad Air into ClamCase, you need to make the device horizontally, then put into the bottom cover near the hinge of the place, and then put the top side to the upper part of the frame.

ClamCase hinge offers a variety of stalls, not only allows users to use iPad Air as the use of the laptop, but

also like the market that the deformation of the keyboard and the screen like back in advance. The hinge feel very secure, the user can freely adjust the

angle of the screen, and don't worry will shake. Although the ClamCase hinge good performance in laptop mode, but you want to convert to tablet mode, you can get a little more effort, even when the initial use will make people feel as if you break it. ClamCase and iPad Air is connected via Bluetooth, the pairing process is very fast, perceptible delay range is acceptable within. When turning back the keyboard, ClamCase will disconnect the Bluetooth

connection, it should also learn from the way of the deformation process, in order to avoid the user generated error contact in the holding device.

ClamCase keyboard was added to the full set of iOS shortcut keys, including Home, Spotlight, cut / copy / paste, Siri, and show / hide the virtual keyboard. In addition, you will see the pairing and display the battery state key, as well as the conventional multimedia and

volume keys. ClamCase displays the remaining power way is complicated. It lays a single power LED in the "lock" button beside the indicator, users need to press the button to view the "battery" of electricity. We can understand the instructions, the 4 representative power indicator light flashes 75-100%,

flashing 3 times on behalf of 50-75%, flashing 2 times 25-50%, a power in the 0-25%. flash In contrast, the state of charge is well understood much: when filled with electricity, white LED light turns green. As a Bluetooth device, we hope that ClamCase can  can show the remaining power in the iOS statusbar there to some Bluetooth headset , this is clearly more intuitive. 


if you want to make iPad a laptop type equipment, ClamCase is probably the best choice. With the application of more and more to support the hardware keyboard, iPad gradually began to become a productive equipment, as long as you don't mind from time to time to handle up touch screen.


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