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The central position to pay attention to the research of new tobacco products such as electronic cigarette

source:本站 date:2016-09-03 

With the rise of new electronic cigarette
industry, new orders are brought to electronic cigarette industry related
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The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, the central financial work leading group leader Xi Jinping on August 18, 2014 at the central financial work leading group chaired the seventh meeting, on the implementation of innovation driven development strategy. Aiming at tobacco and new tobacco enterprises based on electronic cigarette manufacturers, Xi Jinping made instructions to make the most rapid response, according to changes in the international situation to plan ahead,

innovate or die ". Chairman Xi Jinping , emphasize for the new tobacco industry that ” burning cigarette, electronic cigarette, chewing tobacco emerging strategic products and tobacco products” other new products as the grass industry emerging strategic products. New tobacco products as a major strategic task for the future development of the tobacco industry. The technology tracking and research of heating new tobacco

products, put efforts to promote technological innovation, improve the level of product research, and lay a solid foundation for tobacco enterprises to achieve a new leap in the new starting point, China Tobacco upgraded version, for the full completion of a well-off society, the Chinese nation to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream to make new contributions. Xi Jinping's position bring the change of the tobacco industry and the domestic electronic cigarette industry, on the electronic cigarette industry development and will have a profound impact? Interviewing to the domestic electronic cigarette leader brand, at the same time and in the smoke of the source of the Kang Cheng, general manager of Zhao Wencai talk about their own understanding. Three advantages to help China's rapid growth of electronic cigarette market

Days (national attitudes)

From the beginning of 14 China Tobacco conference, Ling Chengxing, director of the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, put forward to attach great importance to the research and development of new tobacco, By mid August, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized that

the tobacco industry must begin to take steps to promote the development of new tobacco. Compared to the beginning of the development of electronic cigarettes, Chinese tobacco companies to suppress and oppose electronic cigarettes, resulting in electronic

cigarette in the domestic flash in the pan, a number of Companies in the development of foreign trade exports, 2014 can be said to be a major turning point.

With the rapid growth of the electronic cigarette in the international market and the future may replace the traditional tobacco

potential, domestic tobacco companies a 180 degree shift to electronic cigarette tobacco as the leading new attitude is, from the opposition and

pressure to publicly support, and by the president to rise on the future development of the strategic height of Chinese tobacco industry, in fact change

in the attitude of the smoke can be traced back to 2013.

During the interview, Kang Cheng Zhao total goods and he told reporters combed from the end of 13 to 14 years of listed companies and

the cigarette company, to enter the field of electronic cigarette smoke around in the event:

 In December 2013, Shanghai green new, Dongfeng shares of the two listed companies to enter the electronic cigarette market;

In February2014,Tobacco Monopoly Bureau to pay attention

to the research and development of new tobacco products such as electronic


14 years in March, Jilin, Zhengzhou Research Institute of smoke and research cooperation in Changbai Mountain cigarette partner (in fact,

electronic cigarette);

14 years 7, enlarging the listed company Jinjia group and the world's largest manufacturer of electronic cigarette products Kang Cheng

parent company Heyuan group established Heyuan Jinjia group known as the change of the electronic cigarette industry wind event, triggered by the electronic cigarette industry chain reaction, many foreign trade electronic cigarette

company began to domestic sales; In August 14, Shandong tobacco, Yunnan tobacco, Hubei

tobacco has been the State Intellectual Property Office open liquid, solid liquid atomizer, the electronic cigarette has the aroma of baking, the electronic

cigarette rod and other patent applications. More and more evidence shows that around

the smoke in the electronic cigarette industry into the determination of tobacco with one hand can directly stimulate domestic electronic cigarette

market operation, develop a more standardized industry standards and rules, change the electronic cigarette industry copycat rampant, the price of

scrimmage chaos, on the other hand smoke in the accession will inevitably squeeze the private enterprise of the electronic cigarette market space and

profit, how to grasp the opportunities in the smoke, please refer to our website to deal with the risk of another article "development of Chinese

electronic cigarette I see.

Austria (electronic cigarette China survival status)

90% of the world's electronic cigarette from China, Chinese invented electronic cigarette electronic cigarette is also

the largest production base of.6 years, cigarette rod, atomizer type and smoke taste has been greatly developed, from disposable electronic cigarettes to two times can be recycled from the electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette smoke

bombs to smoke the liquid drop of oil to the electronic cigarette electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette smoke from the simulation to the IGO machine to opium, from product to semi-finished electronic cigarette electronic cigarette

DIY. Appearance on the iron man electronic cigarette electronic cigarette, cigar, vengeance, electronic cigarettes, mobile phone clip electronic

cigarette, is a variety of All flowers bloom together. once the electronic. The smoke in the domestic spread, consumers will have more choices.

Although China has absolute power in the field of electronic cigarettes, but nearly two years, foreign markets are doing

independent brand research and development, while the domestic has been stuck in the OEM/ODM manufacturing stage, the lack of independent innovation and R & D capabilities, In the domestic selling good Kang Cheng products as an example, many electronic cigarette manufacturers

are still stuck in the real cigarette, electronic cigarette smoke simulation products taste, more consumers just as electronic cigarette and cigarette

smoking cessation products, the pursuit of the same taste, Once it is found that the electronic cigarette can not be like a real cigarette, it

felt cheated, which is related to the marketing strategy of the domestic electronic cigarette marketing staff, so that consumers try to give up the

electronic cigarette at a time, And to the surrounding people that the electronic cigarette is invalid. Such customers are

known as one-time customers, while the domestic is still Everfount for these one-time customers, but ignored the real game player and electronic cigarettes international standards. They understand the electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette and smoke really know different, but they need the intelligent electronic cigarette, half the finished DIY electronic cigarette in domestic market is very rare. So this type of customer base, the electronic cigarette manufacturers in Europe while avoiding disadvantages, so this part of them customer's needs seldom met, but they are most likely to become a group of people are the most loyal users of the electronic cigarette. The domestic market should face them. While the foreign electronic cigarette market has developed to the stage of DIY, homemade nebulizer heater, resistance, liquid smoke flavor mix, electronic cigarette online salon, the line of various types of games, the game player electronic cigarette together. Once the impact of foreign brands in domestic market, competition is bound to weaken. The domestic electronic cigarette sales channels over reliance on third party electronic field the electronic cigarette business, the brand's official website few people interested, point of sale while the line is not much. In contrast, foreign brands official website, e-commerce and physical stores, supermarkets

can be evenly divided. Chinese electronic cigarettes to the rapid development of electronic cigarette businesses must abandon prejudices, solidarity, the

first electronic cigarette market bigger, then go to the competition instead, a vicious competition, this is not conducive to the sustainable development of

the electronic cigarette industry. People  (electronic cigarette potential customer demand)

The world has 1 billion 100 million people (of which there are Chinese smoking in 460 million smokers), along with the implementation of the dangers of smoking prevalence and national smoke-free policy, people begin to pay attention to their own health, and this group of people is undoubtedly the best quality of domestic electronic cigarette electronic cigarette. Potential customers from various forums, Post Bar can see this the class of electronic cigarette looks, how to put these potential customers into users and dissemination of electronic cigarette is the key issue at this stage of each electronic cigarette company. If there are 10 million smokers of health concerns, 5 million of them want to buy electronic

cigarettes, it is enough to make the electronic cigarette company up.

With the electronic cigarette science deeply, with the double advantage Austria days, more and more attention to the electronic cigarette smokers and

contributed to the purchase form, spread slowly in order to hold up the entire domestic market. The domestic electronic cigarette market is now almost by several electronic cigarette company monopoly, Kang Chengyi, smoke, cloud, a year European valve. Sales in the tens of millions of levels, but the trend has increased significantly, the domestic electronic cigarette market expansion also allows foreign trade to the domestic electronic cigarette, electronic

cigarette Chinese future businesses will be more and more, the brand will be more rich.

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