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source:本站  date:2020-09-30 

Case Description:

Client: Clamcase

Application: Integrated Double-Segment 360° Flip Hinge for Pro Protective Cover

Project: Hinge SMS-ZZ-024 Series

Clamcase is a brand manufacturer of Apple peripheral accessories. The bluetooth keyboard produced by it has the best word-of-mouth in Europe and America, exceeding Logitech and Belkin. All hinges used in Clamcase Pro protective case project are provided by us, and we have assisted Clamcase in developing four projects. We will provide the most professional technical service in terms of solution design, R & D design, production, and processing technology optimization, and have been recognized and praised by our Clients.

SMS-ZZ-024 series hinge is an iPad bluetooth keyboard used in Clamcase Pro, like the design style of Apple. It looks like Macbook Air from distance when putting iPad bluetooth keyboard in it, and it is applicable to Ipad, Ipad Air and Ipad Mini series.

Clamcase Pro is a very different accessory, it can protect your PC, and makes your iPad Air close to a productivity tool or even a substitute of your PC. Particularity of the structure and functions of the hinge allow PC to revolve, stay at any angle, and restore the tablet PC to ordinary tablet PC after revolving to 360°. Clamcase Pro can also be used as a reading support or protective case. Besides, Clamcase Pro is very suitable to be used to watch videos because it, like Lenovo YOGA and other windows system PCs, can turn to "tent".

We classify, summarize, analyze and investigate Clients' suggestions, production process feedback and other data to find out existing problems and discuss the direction of improvement. For product optimization and process improvement, we have invested and introduced lots of hinge testing equipment and production equipment, which directly promotes the process of optimization and improvement, and meets clients' market demand. We got a project of Clamcase, and we are recognized by R&D team and senior management in the process of communication.

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