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Smooth is about to participate in the 2018 HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition)

source:本站 date:2020-03-09 

(Booth Nubmer:5B-F27)

The 2018 hong kong international spring electronic products exhibition and international information technology Expo will be held from April 13 to 16. we are honored to participate in this exhibition, mainly displaying the products such as rotating shaft, sliding rail and mim. Through this exhibition, the main products of Smooth's are displayed to the dealers and customers. meanwhile, through on-site communication, the information of potential customers is collected to further understand the latest market situation.

Hong kong TDC electronic exhibition, Asia's largest spring electronic exhibition, is the industry's top exhibition event, is the best platform for exhibitors to connect to the global business. All kinds of electronic products, including: wearable electronic products, 3d printing, networking home, unmanned technology, audio-visual products, brand electronics, environmental protection and energy conservation, I - world, packaging and design, navigation systems, innovative inventions, telecommunications equipment and testing and certification, services and so on. Meng Qi's products, as accessories for these products, is of great significance.

The company's participation in this exhibition is mainly to broaden the horizons, open ideas, advanced learning, exchange and cooperation, make full use of the opportunity to participate in this exhibition, and to visit customers and dealers to communicate, communicate and negotiate, further enhance the company's brand awareness and influence, but also further understand the characteristics of advanced enterprises in the same industry, in order to better improve their product structure, play their own advantages.

Welcome people from all walks of life to negotiate and exchange! Smooth ?links your products and life, bringing you a more convenient and comfortable life.

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