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Join hands to create brilliance - Smooth successfully holds 2018 Annual Party

source:本站 date:2020-03-09 

Our progress in spring glows gradually, Vientiane began to update, in this New Year's farewell, Smooth's 2018 Annual Party with the theme of " Work Together, Create Brilliant" was held on February 3, 2018.

The highlight of this annual dinner is the company's award for outstanding employees and staff performance, the small partners brought a dazzling performance, you put your heart into it, present smouth this family happy feast. With the round after round of lottery links continue to set off the climax of the annual meeting, the company leaders and employees affection interaction, lottery activities, awards, wonderful singing performance, let singing, applause, cheers has been rippling on the venue.

The whole annual meeting was successfully concluded in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere. Farewell to the impressive 2017, ushered in a promising 2018. Looking forward to the new year, smooths continue to explore innovation, a new year, a new starting point, let's hand in hand, together to create smooths beautiful tomorrow!

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