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Organizing the climbing to Dongguan first Mountain - Yin Ping Mountain

source:本站 date:2020-03-09 

In order to strengthen the core team building, improve the cohesion of the core team, let us relax in the tense work, and close to nature, the company union uses the weekend break opportunity to organize the core team of the company to carry out mountaineering activities.

The core team members carry out the embrace, relax the mood, and enjoy the fresh nature brought by nature. On the way to the mountain, everyone side of the mountain side of the friendly exchanges, talking about the movement to the joy and feelings of life. When people sweat on the top of the top of the mountain, enjoy the beautiful scenery and the happy after the movement, people have said, we must consciously strengthen the physical exercise, cultivate their own sports interests, to have a healthy body and more efforts.

Through organizing this mountaineering activity, not only edify the sentiment, but also promote the exchange; It not only enhances the feelings of colleagues, but also strengthens the collective cohesion, fully demonstrates the collective spirit of the company and the spirit of vigorous and vigorous, and is also a beneficial to the physical and mental health activities.

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