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Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 released today

source:本站 date:2016-09-03 

Beijing October 10, 2014,Lenovo Inc in Beijing, and London, the two places held a new conference on the same day. The conference, held

in Beijing city in Haidian District area, Shangri-La. The conference has released a powerful audio and video entertainment features Yoga tablet 2 series of products, As well as more frivolous and equipped with core M Intel processor Yoga 3 tablet notebook products. 

Lenovo CEO Mr. Yang Yuanqing personally for new cheer

Lenovo product manager describes the Yoga tablet 2 Pro projection


Yoga tablet 2 based on the screen size is divided into three versions

In this conference, Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO to debut for its own products and cheer, Added a certain amount of weight for the conference. Of course, the protagonist of this conference is still a new yoga product line. In the tablet side, Lenovo breath released a three size of the Yoga tablet. One

of the most distinctive is the 13 inch Yoga tablet 2pro. It not only has a high screen and huge, but also with a low power projection element can be projected out of 40-80 inch screen. And it also equipped with a sound system from JBL, including a bass cannon and two high pitched units, so that the whole device of the audio and video entertainment has become very powerful. Price, 8 inches version of Lenovo Yoga 2

flat price from 1999 yuan, only the Android system version; 10.1 inch version of the price from 2499 yuan, with Android Wi-Fi, Android 4G and Wi-Fi windows three versions; 13.3 inch version of the price from 3999 yuan, with Android windows, Wi-Fi Wi-Fi two versions. So the choice of the 10.1 inch version is the most abundant, The most powerful entertainment 13 inch models, while the 8 inch version is the most affordable. The new release of Lenovo can be described as the focus of the product together, and we saw a lot of the industry's first, We believe the future development of the tablet industry will be more exciting!

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