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We do not seek survival by selling our products to our clients to gain profit, instead we provide best solutions to clients in need, and develop and perfect ourselves while seeking profits for clients, which is our original intention! -SMOOTH Technology

1、Marketization and Practicality

As the frontrunner of revolutionary cause of Precision Hinges, Sliders and MIM Parts, SMOOTH is first characterized by practicality. Our products and services must reach the brand influence and selling point of upgrading clients' products; we must make our clients obtain economic benefit from market through successful operation of cooperative project to realize our value. For this reason, we have established a set of global-vision and locally operated operation mode gradually in practice.

2、Innovativeness and Predictability

Our another significant characteristics is of super strong innovation and prediction ability We believe that market is not to be found out nor waited, but to be created We are committed to developing new fields, and are good at assisting clients to find out new break point and start point in dilemma so that clients can form their unique way. Besides, we guide clients to advance properly, and break the routine on the premise of grasping the overall situation so that they can become new rule maker and frontrunner of new highlights. Especially when clients seek new span, usually they cannot find a suitable supplier from traditional suppliers, and SMOOTH becomes the only choice at this moment.

3、Unique Company Philosophy and Unconventional Integration Platform

We have proposed corporate factorization and factory corporatization at the beginning of the foundation. SMOOTH is a company and is not a company, and profit is incidental result. Our company philosophy is to lead the market trend and enjoy surfing pleasure. Therefore, we do not take profit maximization as orientation, and do not take company size maximization as objective, and sublate, innovate, go beyond, and enjoy wise and happy pursuit. With the development of times, we go beyond constantly, and positively prepare for the coming of the times of "China's intelligent manufacturing strategy". We develop from selling accessories, selling quality, and selling value to going beyond the competitors, developing integrative strategic partner, and leading high-end spurt of Hinge and Slider industry.

If professional accessory companies are table legs, SMOOTH is "table top", it builds a super integration operation platform for clients; if most manufactures, facing high-turnover, short-run and multi-product situation gradually forming in electronics market, simply define electronics as "component + assembly" and "speed + low cost", SMOOTH shall speak out that "electronics are neither "component + assembly" nor "speed + low cost". Core competitiveness of electronics comes from clients' feeling, i.e., potential requirement which cannot be said out and seen, SMOOTH is like a "super transformer" at this time, and can transform same components into different effects to form greater energy.

Uniqueness, authority and unduplicatedness make SMOOTH be in seller's market, lead market trend, and become an outstanding representative and frontrunner in the revolutionary cause of hardware Sliders, Hinges and MIM Parts.

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